What’s OSOP

Why I need

How it works

To make a great step for password using on Internet, you just need to do:

  1. Enter OSOP user interface form Chrome extension or OSOP Web Site
  2. Input the target system name or domain ( e.g., google, facebook, skype.com.)
  3. Give an initial cipher and remember it (e.g., mynameisgoogle!, protect2013##,Hellokittttty) . You only need to remember this one, no others!
  4. Click the button to generate passwords with different length (High, Middle, Low).
  5. Choose one password as required to modify your existing password on target site (e.g., twitter, skype, google).
  6. Next time, when you are signing in the target site, use the same step from 1~4, and copy the password to your login form.

The more you use, the convenienter you will get and feel.

Is it secure

Absolutely, It’s secure! To put your nervous mind down, here are some technical theories for the tool:


Web Version:One Site One Password

Project site:Fork in GitHub

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one site one password